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I Am Jealous (Green)

NKOTB’s roommate has had a blog for a month and he’s already gotten a mention on Gawker because he managed to do something that I’ve been trying to do: run into Jake Shears in a sex shop.  (Only instead of “run into” I think … Continue reading

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Davis McDavis Investigates The Asshole In 10GS

In my continuing investigative series, today’s question is: Which of my neighbors keeps on slamming his or her goddamn door every goddamn minute? Now, you might not have personally wondered what the answer to this question is, nor will the answer be … Continue reading

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Davis McDavis Investigates!

Xiu-Xiu just reminded me of something I had meant to write about: I’m starting a new irregular feature here at the Comfort Zone, “Davis McDavis Investigates!”  As you might imagine, it is a feature wherein I will answer a burning … Continue reading

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George Bush Is A Moron, But For Entirely Different Reasons Than The Ones You’ve Been Told

I love the Washington Post!  It’s awesome!  They have a story relating to an e-mail forward I just got, which is supposedly George Bush explaining the Medicare bill: Bush Explains Medicare Drug Bill — Verbatim Quote Submitted on 2005-12-13 16:35:14 … Continue reading

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Keeping Terror First

I can’t make up my mind if I should switch gyms or not.  NKOTB said, essentially, that I don’t really need to spend the extra money – it’s not like I’m “single and horny, or a snob,” he said.  Hhhmph!  Shows … Continue reading

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Where The Go-Go Go

My mind has been abuzz about the Ricky Martin pee interview – can you blame me? – especially since, like all of my toilet humor, it got the best response out of you people.   (No offense, Orlando)  Just look at the current comments:  Ricky Martin likes pee: 7 … Continue reading

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100% Hetero

From Not Only But Also, I learned about the upcoming Mr. Hetero Contest, which is the response some pastor had to the International Mr. Gay something-or-other contest.  What a maroon!  We already have a Mr. Hetero contest – it’s called “the Presidential election.”   I haven’t been too … Continue reading

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