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*Pearls Are Made Of Denture Material

Last night as I drifted off to sleep, I couldn’t get that disclaimer out of my mind, “*Pearls are made of denture material,” and the image of the woman in the Efferdent commercial who is grinning maniacally while her husband … Continue reading

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You’d Think She’d Have Bought An Ice Cube Tray By Now

I mean, it’s a lot more convenient than hacking away at a hunk of ice.  Where do you even get a hunk of ice these days, anyway?  But that’s another story, never mind, anyway, for those of you who haven’t … Continue reading

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Last Night I Stopped Loving You (But Only For A Minute)

I had a nightmare last night. I dreamed that due to a scheduling conflict with tennis, the Tivo had only recorded the first two minutes of Lost, and then E switched the channel to the Nasdaq 100 tennis tournament, and I … Continue reading

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The Most Interesting Seating Chart I’ve Ever Seen

Even if you don’t watch Lost, I think this tidbit is interesting – there’s a bunch of Easter Eggs on the website, most especially the seating chart.   When you first go there it says “Loading” or something like that, and I was too … Continue reading

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We Still Hate You, But Not Quite As Much As Before

Toddles forwarded this news story to me.  Apparently, the homosexual agenda is working, and another 12% of America has been converted to the dark side.  I’ll be hosting a celebratory buffet this weekend.  Shrimp puffs and lobster rolls will be … Continue reading

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DavisMcDavis Downtime Requirements

The below items are required for The Davis McDavis Downtime Suite.  Please contact the advance office, 1-800-Hot-Duck, with any questions. Bed: Queen size only, for reasons that should be obvious Private bathroom, preferably in an entirely separate bathroom suite in … Continue reading

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My Fabulous Life

Last night I came home from the Art Jam thingy at Galapagos and thought how terribly exciting this week has been – for me – and it was only Tuesday!  First off, my jellyfish video over at YouTube is up to … Continue reading

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