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First Class, Second Class, Fist Class, Goat Class, and Sleeper Cars Available

Toddles sent me this news story: Pedophiles to launch political party.  My first reaction was “Eww!”  So were my second, third, and fourth reactions.  But they aren’t all bad, these particular pedophiles: after all, they support free train transportation for … Continue reading

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The Case Of the Stolen Gucci Flip-flops

I’m extremely impressed with the investigative skills of gentle reader and fellow Minneosotan egusto, who found a blog-posting where someone writes about Cute Boy In The Office.  I’ll not link to it directly here, but if you read his comment from yesterday … Continue reading

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Grey Gardens, The Theme Park

I received the below e-mail in my work In-Box this morning.  I have cut and pasted it here without altering the text: Happy Spring! We sure welcome this time of year, dont we? The temperature changes, we enjoy more time … Continue reading

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A not very tempting offer

Rather than filling the ad with little [sic] marks, I’ve the left the below entry as-is with all punctuation, spelling, and grammar errors intact: $75 – Couch available in my Livingroom Plus half Gas/Elec/ African American Masculine Gay male…decent layed … Continue reading

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Davis McDavis’ Reasons Why Not…Get A Tattoo?

Jill forwarded me a link to this wonderful collection of bad tattoos.  There are many actual tattoos depicted, each and every one of which will make you serioulsy reconsider ever getting a tattoo.  Some of the tattoos are just amazingly … Continue reading

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The Davis McDavis Code

I didn’t say it was a contest, but despite that, I have to declare elvesdoitbetter‘s entry the winner in my retroactive “What Might Davis McDavis Be Eating Or Doing?” Inappropriate Stalker Speculation Contest, wherein I solicited your speculation on what … Continue reading

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Gays were never called three-fifths human in the Constitution

This is some weird shit NKOTB sent me (safe for work).  I’ve come to believe that the comfort that religion provides is the comfort of not having to think for yourself.  Instead, you have someone else tell you what to think – Jesus … Continue reading

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