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Something for everyone

If I had $399, I wouldn’t be bankrupt! My weekend was so jam-packed that I’m still talking about it, and it’s already Wednesday!  In fact, I hestitate to tell you what I did on Saturday because I’m sure a few … Continue reading

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Ideal Hosiery

Effective immediately, I’m changing my boyfriend’s code name on here from E to Mister Goats.  (The boyfriend will be staying the same, it’s only his fake name that’s changing.)  I just think Mister Goats is a funnier name than E. On Sunday, … Continue reading

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There Are Two Kinds Of People In This World: My Kind of People And Assholes.

This video is for BostonMike – I think I’ve finally found a video of his ideal woman – white, blond, and filled with hate: Click to go to the video. While I’m not fond of the followers of Fred Phelps … Continue reading

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BREAKING NEWS: Shirtless Matt Lauer Is A Hottie McHottentot

Yesterday I wasted my time with two trips down to 27th & Park Avenue in what turned out to be a failed attempt to get an Apollo bar, which – as I mentioned previously – is the candy bar that’s … Continue reading

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All Your Memes Are Meme To Meme

In case you were wondering what would happen if one meme combined with another, someone has cleverly updated All Your Base Are Belong To Us into All Your Snakes Are Belong To Us.  Next up is, presumably, would be photographs of the Mosh … Continue reading

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If it’s at the Cheetah, it’s not dancing

Is there enough marijuana in the world to make the upcoming Tenacious D movie funny?  From the looks of the trailer, I’m very doubtful such marijuana exists, but if it does, wouldn’t it be better used to enhance the viewing of … Continue reading

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Jake’s On My Brain (Gyllenhaal, That Is) – But That’s Not Important Right Now

It must be a bit of a shock when your 15 minutes of fame roll around, and instead of your 15 minutes being “the guy who won the lottery” or “the wonderful singer who was discovered during the American Idol … Continue reading

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