Smorkin’ Mommy

I’m way behind on this, but I was just forwarded this picture by the Stump:

I worry the sulfites in the gallons of wine I drink every day will affect my baby in some as-yet-unforeseen way, or that the filters on the cigarettes I smoke may hold some hidden harm to my child.  Then I stop worrying, and I go smoke a cigarette and watch some Nascar with the volume turned up real, real high so I can’t hear the jackhammers while I slam back another jug of Riunite.  Good times!

That is all.


About DavisMcDavis

I'm Davis McDavis. Oprah loves me, this I know, for my TV tells me so.
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4 Responses to Smorkin’ Mommy

  1. Anatomicsd says:

    Do they still make Riunite?

  2. Holy Cats, that is a great photo. CLASSY!

  3. sender99 says:

    my friend works for that paper, i wrote her and asked if was for real and it totally was. she says that some one at her old job who was pregnant was always sneaking cigarettes…. sigh.

  4. lizardsir says:

    That slob (to use Donald Trump’s epithet for Rosie O’Donnell) is certainly no Tanya Turner (for you “Footballers’ Wives” fans who have seen Series Four).

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