The Bonus Round

I wanted to post the adorable drawing I got from fellow Xangan and gentle reader idolatrieartist:

(Actually she has a much better picture of it on her blog)  I hurriedly snapped this picture on the way out of the house so I could include it here in my very first crossover episode (we sent cards to each other).  She drew that picture herself, can you believe it?  It looks like it belongs in a children’s book.  It proves that if you’re skilled enough, an talented artist can make a malformed woodland creature with two heads look positively adorable

When I plugged in my camera,  I came across some other photos on my camera that I’d forgotten to upload and anecdote about. [Do you like my new verb, “to anecdote”?]

I recorded The High Definition Wizard of Oz last week, and for the first time the credits struck me as extraodinarily rude:  Auntie Em is listed after Nikko:

Nikko is the monkey on the right.

I mean, I’ll admit that Auntie Em was a bit casual about taking care of Dorothy, what with that tornado mishap and all, but Nikko never even speaks! He just jumps around and grunts a few times.  Even more insultingly, the Muchkins are listed after Toto, who isn’t even played by a human, and they’re just lumped together.  How wude! Can you imagine if the credits for Gone With The Wind just read:

Rhett Butler…Clark Gable
Scarlett O’Hara…Vivien Leigh
Zeke the Horse….Zeke The Horse
….And some colored people whose names we can’t be bothered to list as “The Slaves”

And  I suppose I could muse for hours on whether the exclusion of the “Oz” names in the credits for everyone except Glinda reinforces the idea that in the movie Dorothy dreamed the entire Oz sequence, though in the books Oz was a truly real place…but since I’m pressed for time I’ll move swiftly onwards.

On Sunday, I went with Handsome Mister Goats to meet his parents at the Bronx Botanical Gardens to tour the holiday train setup they have there.  They decorated several areas with trains, and with buildings made entirely out of vegetable matter made in the the shape of New York so people could take pictures with their camera phones:

Fore to aft: Met Life, 30 Rock, Chrylser, some other building, and the Brooklyn Bridge

“Radio City” is spelled out with poppy seeds.

Just heading over the Brooklyn Bridge, the trolley is heading off to the Land Of Make-Believe!

A patriotic corn husk Statue of Liberty

With the screaming children everywhere, I finished up looking at the trains a tad bit earlier than the rest of the group, and stopped to take some Rorshach-style pictures of the main entrance area:

Then some little shyster came over and stuck his hand in the water, so that was over, too.  Aren’t kids grand?!?!  That reminds me: in a different part of the garden earlier that day there was a pool of water with aquatic plants in it, and  I heard one parent say “Don’t get wet, Dakota!” to this little girl who already had her arm entirely in the water up to the elbow.  Let’s hope Mama’s reaction times are a little faster when Dakota learns about fire. 

I’m out of the office from 12/22-12/26, but I may update you from the icy wastelands of northern Minnesota if time permits.  I hope all have a lovely weekend, either with or without your families (depending on which is preferable – ha ha)! Personally, I like my family, so I plan to have a great time.

May all your Christmases be white, may your Kwanzaas be black, and may the blessings of Oprah be upon you during this extremely warm time period that used to be called winter before Al Gore screwed everything up and made me worry every time I don’t need a scarf in December.  May your stockings be filled with Favorite Things, and may you find the keys to a much-needed new car beneath the seat of each member of the studio audience.  In the name of the Oprah, the Gayle, and the Nate Berkus, amen.

That is all.


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I'm Davis McDavis. Oprah loves me, this I know, for my TV tells me so.
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6 Responses to The Bonus Round

  1. Anatomicsd says:

    It’s supposed to be unseasonably warm this weekend.

  2. WOW!!!! I AM FLATTERED! Tickled and a little woosy (*I think I caught what those Damn Eaton’s have! Yes- they are both sick…)Seriously, thank you for my “feature”! Your compliments really suit me well! I am possitivaly pink in the cheeks! Thank you!And as for the WIZARD of OZ- I STILL can not pass a TV station which is airing it without stopping to watch- Think of my horror the other night when I spied it- and started to watch- ONLY to find out it was playing for 24 hours! I WAS CAUGHT IN A LOOP! Hahahaa! I find myself really looking for bloopers in that movie too.. there are websites devoted to those bloopers… KRAZY!Anyhoo- Happy Holiday’s- I just love your style sir… You are a dream!XoxoxoXJane

  3. P.S. LOVE THOSE EATON’S (hehehee!)

  4. What the hell? You guys get “unseasonably warm” and I get a fucking blizzard? If you want to wear a scarf come hang out in Colorado for a few days!
    That mutated woodland creature is indeed adorable!
    I have this theory that from the time they start walking and talking until they’ve graduated high school, kids should all be kept underground. Then if they’re all being little ass holes the only people that have to tolerate them are each other. But that’s just me.
    Have fun in Minnesota! Have you ever seen “Drop Dead Gorgeous”? If you haven’t, go to your nearest blockbuster and rent it immediatly! It’s about a beauty pageant that takes place in Mount Rose, Minnesota. It’s basically my favorite movie ever. Sometimes my friend and I will just do minnesota accents all day and convince people that’s where we’re from. Lame? Well, I don’t think anyone is going to disagree on that one. But it brings us infinite joy.

  5. Alexicon says:

    Have a Merry Christmas!

  6. ah, so I’m not alone! My grandma has accused me of stealing more things than I think I’ve ever even possessed in my entire life!

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