Everything’s Coming Up Milhouse!

Oh, I forgot to mention the cherry on the cake of my kick-ass Christmas, which was this morning I weighed myself to assess the damage of the huge amounts of sugar, fat, and alcohol that I consumed over the holidays, and I lost three pounds.  All the hard work I didn’t do finally paid off!  Good times!

..and not three seconds ago I found out that I get out of work early on Friday.  I’m not sure how long my luck will hold out, but I should buy a lottery ticket today, don’t you think? 

That is all.


About DavisMcDavis

I'm Davis McDavis. Oprah loves me, this I know, for my TV tells me so.
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One Response to Everything’s Coming Up Milhouse!

  1. My Christmas was not so kick ass as yours. Want to know what my parent’s big present was to me? A massive, leather bound, monogrammed with my name Bible! No hidden meaning behind that one I’m sure. I’m really suprised they didn’t have passages outlined.
    I think this is just retaliation from last year though. Last year I got them a bunch of books like “Loving your gay chlid” and such. More out of spite than anything else. So I probably should have seen this coming.

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