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? Doabld

Entered above as the title of this post is the text of an e-mail I received at work.  It was on top of an e-mail the person forwarded in which a third person asked for additional time for a project, … Continue reading

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There’s an update to yesterday’s period blood fart Nigerian correspondance, which I have included at the bottom of the entry.  Scroll down for Jerri’s continuing antics!

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In Which Jerri Advises A Nigerian To Be Wary Of Nigerians

Gentle reader AZStudent linked to this funny video with a randy Dr. Sulu on his blog.  It’s hilaaaaarious!In other news, a new Hairy Potter picture has emerged [NSFW] revealing that Daniel Radcliffe has mysteriously muscular hips and cock ring of a porn … Continue reading

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Nigerian Scammer Mad Libs – Give Me A Word, Any Word (Barrister Makaay Part One)

I hung out with the Stump yesterday and we were laughing while going over the e-mails I’ve been writing to a couple of fraud spammers while pretending to be Jerri Blank. I’ve arranged one of them chronologically below for you.   This is … Continue reading

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My Luck Changes…

Yesterday I had the best evening, so I hope the cloud of this past, accursed weekend is behind me.  I met up with DKNY, the Stump, and two old friends of ours from college that I hadn’t seen in like 10 … Continue reading

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Anne Frank Had It Worse

I’d love to tell you about my lovely vacation in Palm Springs this weekend – really, I’d love to – but I’m afraid I can’t.  It’s not because I don’t love you, and it’s not because I need to talk … Continue reading

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In Which Jerri Is Hired To Be An Chinese Auditor

After struggling for a few hours this morning, I’m giving up on posting a Holidays with Kirstie Alley today, which Jill cleverly reminded me about.  I’m fresh out of new ways to have Kirstie accidently expose her vagina to her maid, if … Continue reading

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