Sheri Shepherd Has Her Wig On Too Tight

Well, hello!  Welcome to…the Minneapolis Airport Men’s Bathroom!


I was at first really pleased with Sheri Shepherd when she joined the View.  I thought she was really funny and I also liked the fact that with two black women on the show, neither one of could be labeled “the token.”  It’s lovely that we’ve reached the point that a TV show isn’t trying to hire the absolute minimum of minorities, the way that a news team will always have the Asian reporter be a woman, thus covering two minorities instead of one.  (Ever seen a male Asian reporter?  I can’t think of one…)  I thought, actually, that with Whoopi and Sheri’s arrival “the token” would be Elizabeth Hasselbeck, in the role of token idiot/Republican.  However, Sheri is making it really hard for me to love her when she says really stupid things like in this video forwarded to me by gentle reader Jill.  

I think it’s fine if you want to believe in the magic of Jesus, but your ig’nunce is showing if you are so blindered that you don’t realize that there were and are other religions in the world, including some that predate yours.  I mean, even the Bible mentions that Jesus was a Jew, doesn’t it?  Is Sheri so dumb that she thinks Moses would have self-identified as “Christian”? 

Oh, and you know what else is funny and something to think about. Ms. Shepherd?  THOSE religions ALSO say they are “the one true religion.” 

I daresay there are very few, if any, religions that don’t call themselves the one and true religion – the ones that said, “We’re pretty sure this is the right God or maybe that one.  It’s either that guy Ra who lives in the volcano up there, or maybe the Ma’Turin, the Great Turtle, upon whose back the world is carried. We’ve got it narrowed down to those two, but I’m not sure which one is THE ONE.”  Those kind of wishy-washy religions have perished, of course. 

It still, though, amazes me that people don’t question the reasoning of “Because I said so!” which is the rationale behind the existence of Jesus, Santa Claus, Mormons, the Easter Bunny, and Mohammed…among other things.  I mean, in deciding which person in that list that you believe is real and/or has magical powers, doesn’t the presence of the other ones in the list raise the tiniest bit of doubt in your mind?  Ah well, yet another reason to believe in the Blessed O.  I know SHE is real – she was talking to me through the magic box in the living room yesterday!  It’s hard to argue with that logic, isn’t it?  And if we get a President Obama – typing that gives me goose bumps! – we’ll know that she can perform miracles as well.

It’s funny that Jill sent me that video of Sheri, though, because in a completely unrelated incident, last night I was watching the View with Handsome Mister Goats, and Sheri’s wig was so bad that I took a picture of the TV:


It looks a lot like Leslie Stahl’s wig, which is made out of a really shiny, extremely pretty sort of Dacron-acrylic plastic mixed with Mylar and tinsel.  It makes me want to string lights around her head, like those cool aluminum Christmas trees from the 1970’s:


I guess it’s easier to care for than real hair.  It might even be waterproof!

That is all.


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One Response to Sheri Shepherd Has Her Wig On Too Tight

  1. Eric says:

    Bless her.  Bless her ignorance and her willingness to put it up there on television daily, thus showing everyone with a brain what it means to be a non-questioning, moronic Christianist who has no idea how her religion fits into the world historically or presently.

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