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Too Many Mexicans

I was musing about the Presidential race the other day, and thinking about how great it would be if Hillary Clinton’s national health care plan went through.  Part of the reason for this was because I was trying to refill my … Continue reading

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On The Bed, On The Floor, On A Towel By The Door

Gentle reader Robbie sent in a video he made of John McCain lovin’ on George W. Bush.  He feels that pointing out the love flowing between miserable failure Bushie and McCain will turn people off McCain:I daresay he may be … Continue reading

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Your Ana Matronic Stalking Guide, Part 2

My friend Nick From The Future has gone and gotten himself this rather fancy-sounding cabaret showcase thingy going on at Joe’s Pub this Saturday, and the lovely and talented Miss Ana Matronic will be joining him as well as Kenny “Herb … Continue reading

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Groundhog Coffee

You might have heard about the group Improv Everywhere due to their Grand Central Freeze, which got lots of coverage, but I’m really intrigued by this bit I just heard about, a Moebius Starbucks loop.It just reminded me that around … Continue reading

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Lindsay Lohan’s Boobs

 I’ve barely been able to stop thinking about Lindsay Lohan’s boobs this week.  I don’t know if you managed to miss them, but Linsday posed totally balls-out naked in New York Magazine this week.  When I heard about it, I thought it … Continue reading

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A Comedy In Three Acts…Possibly Four If He Can Get The Camera To Work

I got this link from the Daily Barf.  Notice that he was given powdered cocaine but Obama, a black man, chose crack.  It’s that level of detail that makes this story much so more believable, don’t you think?  I mean, … Continue reading

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This Here Is Some Pitchers I Done Took

Awhile back it was all misty misty misty and I took a fottergraph of the Empire State Building – both wiggly-handed and reg’lar: I think I’ve covered Revs Cost previously – I like to take pictures of them when I … Continue reading

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