Why Not Just Title It “This ‘N That,” Miss Davis?

About a month back it was DKNY’s birthday, and – along with a computer monitor – one of his friends gave him this amazing bottle of cleaner from (presumably) the 70’s:  


It’s magical because it can clean plastic and also inexplicably causes women to lose their pants.  I like that she’s all buttoned up on top and then is just wearing pantyhose.  It’s sort of like “virgin/whore” only it’s more like “secretary/Angie Dickinson.”


Personally, I like to do all my vacumming in just a pair of panties and some high heels, a la Melanie Griffith’s scene in Working Girl – it doesn’t make me Melanie, though, and it never will

Below is my favorite dry cleaner in New York.  I like to imagine that after blowing up Flatpoint High, Jerri retired to Manhattan to run a dry cleaning shop.  No matter how hard she tries, though, when you bring in your clothes they just come back with even more stains


I found the below book in the trash:


The title just makes me laugh, and then the picture makes me laugh harder because clearly someone has been playing too much World Of Warcraft.  If “Revelations” is actually a revelation, why does it need unveiling?  Christians sure are stupid!


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I'm Davis McDavis. Oprah loves me, this I know, for my TV tells me so.
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4 Responses to Why Not Just Title It “This ‘N That,” Miss Davis?

  1. the picture on thatbook reminds of the cartoon style of the old Super Freinds. Before I read the entry and just saw the picture, I actually thought “I thought Wonder Woman had an invisible plane…” I expect the Wonder Twins are off panel transforming into something completely useless, like a beaver and an ice cube (which they actually did once).
    That can of cleaner is awesome. I wonder if anyone actually found that sexy or if some old guy who’s never been laid was just trying to hard.

  2. TexasAlan says:

    I could see Jerri Blank working at a Dry Cleaners. The occupation serves her well. Amy Sedaris would be proud of your theory.

  3. colfior says:

    98% of what they taught me in Catholic School did not take, so I can’t be sure, but I’m almost positive if they’re had been stories about riding 7 headed dragony creatures I would’ve paid more attention!  I would actually want to read that version. 

  4. GoodTimeIsle says:

    Hey, Davis!! Did you know that Working Girl quote has been in my Facebook profile for forever?? 🙂 It’s nice to see our thoughts intersecting once again…

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