Watching Fox “News” So You Don’t Have To

I realize this is preaching to the choir, and that no actual Fox News viewer looks for news in other outlets other than the Fox News Channel and unexamined White House Press releases, but it’s still handy that this person has edited together this stuff and posted it on the Youtubes:

I like the woman at :20 seconds who reassures Bill O’Reilly how awesome he is: “Bill, I think what’s so fucking awesome about you is that you don’t use this video gratuitiously.  Can perform oral sex on your big cock?” 

And then Bill says back, “You have really spectacular boobs.”  Oh wait, my mistake!   Bill O’Reilly said ‘You have really spectacular boobs” a different time, the time that Bill O’Reilly was masturbating on the phone while talking to a different coworker.  Thank Oprah we have a fine, upstanding man who looks like a toad who’s here to save us from all those gratutious boobs we’d otherwise be assaulted with…

Tonight we’re belatedly celebrating the Stump’s birthday.  I baked a cake last night and tonight we get to eat it:


It’s my second not-from-a-box cake ever, and it turned out okay, and the part that didn’t turn out exactly okay is covered with frosting so no one will ever know.  Hurray!

That is all.


About DavisMcDavis

I'm Davis McDavis. Oprah loves me, this I know, for my TV tells me so.
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