Tired of Being Sexy

There’s this band called CSS that I’m currently in love with.  CSS is short for Cansei de Ser Sexy, which means “Tired of Being Sexy” in Portuguese, which is exactly how I feel.   Whew – that was exhausting! 

They sing poppy songs in broken English, particular favorites being Let’s Make Love and Listen to Death From Above, Music Is My Hot Hot Sex, and Meeting Paris Hilton.  (You can listen to a sampler on Amazon.) 

Although some of their lyrics don’t quite translate properly into English and sound like they’ve traveled through the Babelfish, I think that just makes them more charming.  If you are familiar Shonen Knife or the’s, it’s like that same kind of charming, but Brazilian charming instead of Japanese charming, which means they are probably similarly hairless but much more vocal about sex. 

And most charming of all would have to be the lyrics for Meeting Paris Hilton – here’s a live clip with the starting lyrics copied below:

I went to the bitch
The bitch was so hot
She came to me and said
“do you like the bitch, bitch?”
I said “back!
I wanna take you home, bitch
Cos i wanna do you good, bitch
What do you think of it, bitch?”

The bitch said yeah
The bitch said yeah
The bitch said yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
The bitch said yeah
The bitch said yeah
The bitch said oh yeah, hell yeah, damn yeah

I’m not sure if you’re aware, but Paris says “bitch” a lot. 

Although all the lyrics listed online say “I went to the beach, the beach was so hot” I’m pretty sure the actual song lyric is “bitch.”  It says “bitch” in the little lyrics book that came with the CD, although I do admit “beach” makes sense for some of the bitches.

The point of all this is that just this morning I downloaded the Funplex Remix EP by the B-52s, and they have three remixes available – one of which is by the Scissor Sisters and one by CSS.  Are the B-52’s reading my mind?  Again?

That is all.


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5 Responses to Tired of Being Sexy

  1. CallMeQuell says:

    HA! I LOVE that band. I’m Brazilian, so I knew them way before America did ^__^

  2. I was so excited when I read the lyrics and so let down when I watched the video. Now I will re-record this in my home studio in the style of Billie Holiday. The B-52’s are reading all of our minds. Always.

  3. I KNOW how you feel…

  4. CallMeQuell says:

    Yep. Still love it.

  5. roarz says:

    CSS sang this song in one of the Coachelle tents last year with Paris Hilton in attendance, rocking out in the wing.http://i.realone.com/assets/rn/img/7/8/3/3/14353387-14353389-large.jpgJustice!

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