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It Could Be Worse…

I’m sad I didn’t see it live, but apparently last night on American Idol, Paula Abdul managed to screw up even worse than normal.  It’s like she’s living in her own version of Lost, a sad, short Desmond adrift on a sea … Continue reading

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The Blessed Oprah’s Outreach To The World Of Warcraft

I don’t know why I clicked on it – oh, I tell a lie – I do know why – but apparently the Mormons have their own matchmaking site.  All the testimonials seem to be from people who have met and become engaged in … Continue reading

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God Is Jealous Of Oprah’s New Shoes

I got this silly comment in response to my It’s as real as Christianity! post:Ok just a clue Jesus is way more important then this Oprah thing….Jesus died for our sins and lives in heaven and you must believe to … Continue reading

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You May Not Have Given Me Lunch, But You Served Up A Great Anecdote!

My earliest presidential election memory was that of hoping that we could keep President Carter, and then we ended up with the first of many Republican cowboys – you know, the one who invented the AIDS.  I think at the time it was really … Continue reading

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It’s As Real As Christianity!

I read an interesting interview with ubersexy Jewboy Sasha Baron Cohen where he explained the larger picture with his Borat and Ali G characters.  What he thought was funny was that politicians, for example, are so removed from the real public, and from the youth of the … Continue reading

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Well, I Guess That Makes Two Of Us

I flew home from Minnesota yesterday, boarding three airplanes, only two of which took off, so I landed about 2 hours later than I planned.  When I finally got home, I couldn’t get the door open – the lock was … Continue reading

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Proud Proud Proud!

I’m home visiting my parents and we went to a local church rummage sale.  It’s remarkable the things that people donated for sale.  Is someone really going to buy that half-burned pillar candle, even if it’s only a quarter?  How … Continue reading

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