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I just saw Sandra Bernhard in the Time Warner Whole Foods while getting lunch today.  Boy, over the years I’ve seen loads of celebrities and demi-lebrities in and around that grocery store!  Every time I see one I add it … Continue reading

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I’m Learning Japanese, I Think I’m Learning Japanese (I Really Think So!)

I think you should try everything in life at least once.  Everything except heroin.  Actually, I’d like to say everything except heroin and cunnilingus, but I know I’m probably in the minority, population-wise, on that last one, what with all … Continue reading

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The Human Habitrail of Manhattan

Last night the college student neighbor guy across the way finally got down to brass tacks and banged his girlfriend with the shades open and desk lamp on.  Aside from a quick shower he took the day we moved in last … Continue reading

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And I Haven’t Heard From Her Since!

Lady A sent me an email, and while I was writing my reply she phoned and asked “Did you get my email?”  So I stopped writing the reply to speak to her and tell her the info that I had planned … Continue reading

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God Is In The Details

The Brycemaster sent me the above photograph just now.  All you burnt-toast-Virgin-Mary, weeping-eyed statues, and air-conditioning-condensation-Jesus believers can suck it, because here is the true photographic evidence of the Lord.  I wonder if there’s a crowd gathering around this dog’s balloon knot to worship it?  And … Continue reading

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O, The Oprah Religion Spring Recruitment Drive

I’m conducting an O, The Oprah Religion recruitment drive on Facebook.  So far my church has 38 members, but Oprah told me She needs more members, and we don’t question Her, do we?I had a stranger ask to be made … Continue reading

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Computah! Sing Me A Tune!

I thought I’d post a few happy things that I’m happy about.  For one thing, I applied online for a New York Public Library card because they have stuff you can download over the Internets without ever actually needing to go … Continue reading

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