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Matt Alber – End Of The World

I found this video on Joe.My.God. I just love Matt Alber’s voice – it’s a lot like Rufus Wainwright but somehow I could never get into Rufus. He just seemed depressed all the time and I’d be all, “What’s to … Continue reading

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Jehovah’s Witnesses: The Third Time’s The Charm!

I looked into them and they aren’t nearly as wacky as Mormons: no magic underpants, for example, and they rely entirely on the same bland old collection of writings that plain old Lutherans like to hear about – and not read … Continue reading

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I Finally Figured Out What’s Happening To Carrot Top

I was looking at this website and I realized something: just like everyone was all, “Hey, what’s wrong with Michael Jackson’s face?!?” for awhile until they realized he was just trying to look like a white Diana Ross, I finally … Continue reading

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Like A Road, You Ride Me

The Youtubes has EVERYTHING! Who even knew there was a video recording for one of my very most favoritest B-52s songs, “Dirty Back Road”? I’d play this song in my car, a hand-me-down Buick LeSabre with my Grandma’s plastic seat … Continue reading

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Scientology Is For Potatoheads

I’ve been reading about Mormons off and on this past week, and here are my most recent set of funny facts:Joseph Smith created his own “translation” of the King James Bible.  The balls on this one!  I guess it’s because … Continue reading

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Fairly Unbalanced

  I started reading the news again, as there is finally a chance for there be some good stuff in it nowadays, and I found these funny slanted sentences in a Fox News story about Obama.  It’s interesting to read a Fox … Continue reading

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It’s amazing how far our news papers have fallin into stupity.

I found this funny blog called  “The Oprah Blog” which strangely claims to follow “the Oprah phenom like it’s a religion.” Like??!?!   Has he not heard of O, The Oprah Religion?  Apostate!  Heretic!  Anyway, before I get to proselytizing on his … Continue reading

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