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Alley Mansion: Kirstie’s Conundrum (Episode 1)

I’m trying to use to add some more to the Kirstie canon:

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Overcoming Adversity

I got the below email, which is related to our upcoming big sales meeting. You know, that annoying yearly meeting that frequently includes some sort of costume party or something equally awkward. Submit one hurdle you (YOU and ONLY YOU) … Continue reading

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When God Closes A Door, He Opens A Window

He also does the same thing when he farts, though, so don’t get too philosophical about it. That is all.

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A Question For iPhone Users

A male couple of our acquaintance recently broke up from their 7-year relationship.  In all likelihood, we’ll likely be seeing less of each of them than we would have when they were together and we could see the two guys … Continue reading

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